Mayflower Landing - Ashland, MA

Mayflower Landing at Village of the Americas – 80 units - Ashland, MA

Mayflower Landing is one of the newest complexes created by local mega-developer, The Fafard Companies. The homes in this community leverage this developer’s nearly 30-year history of expanding the size and features of these special town houses.

These buildings are not built in the traditional “straight row” town house format, but rather each owner “owns” his/her own “L” shaped unit, with the outside deck and lawn in the middle of that “L” shaped unit.  This innovative design provides an unparalleled sense of privacy.

While models vary in size and interior design decisions can vary, the common themes in these homes are the stunning master bedrooms and master bathrooms, large kitchens and living rooms, and private parking below.

Mayflower Landing community is located just off Route 135, near Routes 495 and 126, in Ashland. Its location is very convenient for workers commuting to into Boston or Worcester, with a new train station in Ashland, as well as those working for businesses up and down Routes 495 and 128.  For those interested in shopping and restaurants, there are many local options along Route 9 in Framingham/Natick and the Solomon Pond Mall off of Route 290.

As of the fall of 2009, 68 of the 80 town houses have been built. Like its sister property, The Explorers, Mayflower also has a nice scale - large enough to create a sense of community, yet not too large to be overwhelming and impersonal.

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