Condos - Townhouses

Townhouse communities are constructed with buildings where each home owner’s condo goes from the foundation floor all the way up to the roof line. These properties give each owner a “slice” of the building, with no one above or below.  This provides the owner with a strong sense of privacy.

These homes can range in style from Spartan to truly custom homes “attached” to other custom homes. The sizes tend to range from 1,200 to 2,000 square feet. Some townhouse styles can rival in size with large, stand-alone homes!

While there are city townhouses more than 100 years old, the vast majority of these homes in the suburbs were built starting in the late 1970’s and continue to be built today.  Most of these homes have private utilities (i.e. water, heat and electricity). Many townhouse communities permit exterior upgrades, with prior Board approval required. This allows the community to “tailor” the property beyond the standards left by the Developer, especially if that Developer’s landscaping is limited.

 Crystal Brook - Marlborough, MA
 The Explorers at Village of the Americas - Ashland, MA
 Half Moon Village - Ashland, MA
 Leland Stanford Farms - Milford, MA
 Mayflower Landing - Ashland, MA
 Spyglass Hill - Ashland, MA
 Starlight Village - Ashland, MA
 Valley View - Cumberland, RI
 Village of a Thousand Pines - Ashland, MA
 Village of Westerly - Ashland, MA
 Wilson Gardens - Framingham, MA
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